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music actually is all around

won't you sing me your song?

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my name is zach. (not zachary, my full name is zachariah.)
i am short. someday that won't bother me... i have brown, unruly
hair and dark green eyes. i love my teeth (yay braces...)

i study flute performance with kenneth andrews at the crane school of music.
i play flute, piccolo, clarinet, violin, oboe, and piano. i'm somewhat of
a woodwind doubler/specialist, and i love playing pit orchestra reed books.
this past summer i played flute/picc/clarinet/sax and a variety of whistles
and recorders in nine different shows (each a week long) as part of the
college light opera company, in falmouth, MA. it was fabulous. i also study
voice with dr. deborah massell here at crane. i've been in many musicals so
far in my life (both on stage and playing in the pit orchestra), and i'm
currently playing bobby strong in urinetown, here at crane.

i aspire to be an orchestral flutist or piccoloist. one day, i will be.

inquire within for further information (or if you just want to chat :D)
AIM: musicactually
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