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24 December 2006 @ 02:06 am
wow, i haven't used livejournal in a really long time. now that i'm home and have no life, maybe i'll use it more often.

grades are in for the semester! yay!

lit & style III - 4.0
conducting III - 4.0
symphonic lit - 4.0
musical theatre perf - 4.0
flute studio - 4.0
flute orchestral studies - 4.0

i passed my ensembles and stuff, and i got an incomplete for my recital which was rescheduled for next semester, but i knew about that already. the best part about grades this semester was that i had originally signed up to teach lessons to a non-major, but then after a sequence of miscommunications and whatever else, the girl dropped the lesson credits, so i was left with credits to teach, and no student. mr. andrews told me to ignore it and just pretend it didn't exist.... so i assumed there would be some sort of bad situation at the end of the semester that i'd have to deal with... so i look on my final grades. teaching lessons? 4.0. i didn't even hand in a single piece of paper for it... haha oh well, whatever. my overal gpa became a 3.93 with this semester's grades... so i hope it'll keep going up!

i've been home now for a week, and i have to say... home is getting kind of old. it's been nice seeing zoe, susan, and some other people that i've been able to hang out with that i haven't seen for a while.. but other that, idk... i'm not really feeling poughkeepsie. i worked on monday and tuesday when i first got back, my uncle needed some help with his holiday mail-out at his insurance agency. i ended up stuffing 450ish envelopes with calendars, planners and christmas letters.. it was tedious and totally mind numbing, but it was nice to get some extra money.

in other news... zipod has taken a turn for the worst. he only works when he's plugged in now, and won't hold a charge for more than 10 minutes if i unplug him. my aunt said she'd buy me a new ipod, which is great! i just have to decide now whether i want a white or a black one. any suggestions? i've heard the black ones scratch really easily, but they look cool. so idk.

our flute audition excerpts are a pain in my ass already, especially beethoven 3. the excerpts are from gluck's dance of the blessed spirits, beethoven symphony no. 3, and till eulenspeigel's merry pranks... which is just wonderful. till is turning out to be the least of my problems, though. my beethoven sounds pretty crappy and i always have trouble with the slow lyrical excerpt since i have no connection or musical line when i play. hey, if there's any flute player out there who's really good at slow lyrical stuff and has trouble with technique, we can share an orchestral seat somewhere; i'll just play all the technical stuff and you can play the slow pretty stuff. great, inquire within.

i'm planning on giving a recital over break somewhere in poughkeepsie, so i have to find out if my accompanist darren is available to work with me for it. i'll probably play my half-hour recital (which will be in the spring) repertoire plus some other stuff. right now i'm considering:

half-hour rep:
burton sonatina
c.p.e. bach hamburger sonata
leibermann piccolo concerto (probably mvt. I)
non half-hour rep:
taffanel andante pastoral et scherzettino
hindemith sonate
chaminade concertino
piccolo espagnol
enesco cantabile et presto
poulenc sonata

that's stuff i'm throwing around... and obviously i'd try to pick a program that was diverse and not too long... possibly starting with the c.p.e. bach, then doing the leibermann, hindemith, taffanel, and ending with the burton? let me know what you think if you're reading this and have an opinion! i'll be discussing this with maria when she comes to visit, haha

anyway, i have to go practice, haha.
Daniellesucrets4 on December 25th, 2006 02:15 am (UTC)
Cassie Knoedl. Her dad actually works in the other HS in my district. There was a string student teacher in my school this semester...Jen something and she's an SAI sister.

Go Crane!
Zachinherentharmony on December 25th, 2006 05:21 am (UTC)
omg, i love cassie, she is such a sweetie. we were in ms. graham's musical theatre perf. class together this semester!